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Austin police chief: We want to know who the ‘gun enthusiasts’ are

Editor’s note: This report originally appeared on The Informed Conservative. In light of the ongoing push to restrict gun ownership, it is reprinted here with permission.

Following a tense standoff with a lone gunman in his city, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo shared his advice for preventing future threats. Judging from the response to his recent statements, it appears the lawman is at odds with a large portion of gun rights advocates in his city and beyond.

He advised Austin residents to let police know about anyone “who’s a gun enthusiast or is armed with these types of firearms” and who demonstrate “any type of propensity for hatred.”

Acevedo attempted to mitigate any fallout by acknowledging that turning over gun owners to the police “doesn’t mean that we’re going to take them to jail,” revealing only that authorities “might want to vet these people.”

Nevertheless, outraged critics were quick to point out the potential for abuse inherent in the pursuit of his instruction.


9 Comments on Austin police chief: We want to know who the ‘gun enthusiasts’ are

  1. Chris Cottrell // January 9, 2016 at 3:05 pm // Reply

    Spoken like a true Trotskyite. Can the re-education camps be far behind?


  2. This Police Chief seems bound and determined to overstep his authority.


  3. This chief idiot can pull them pistols or whistle Dixi…


  4. Seems we have found another acolyte in the minions who follow Obama. I wonder if turning in a gun enthusiast who also happens to be a police officer would be acceptable. Don’t police have any kind of propensity for violence, if needed?


  5. Time for Governor Abbott to appear in public with a “yellow gun” pinned to his jacket, and for everyone in Austin to do likewise.
    And it is far past time for this “chief” to be sacked.


  6. Where did this jerk come from California we him out of Texas


  7. Frank in Spokane // January 15, 2016 at 3:07 pm // Reply

    “authorities ‘might want to vet these people.’”

    “Vet” THIS, comrade.

    Now go play in traffic.


  8. Apparently, Chief, you have too much money in your budget if your detectives have time to do what the FBI and DPS already do. We can fix that. Maybe a smaller budget will help you maintain a sharper focus on your real job. As opposed to legislating from the backseat of your armored limo-police car.


  9. You have no need to know that. You need to know what gang members and drug dealers have weapons and go take the illegal weapons off of the city streets.


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