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Anti-gun mayor reportedly makes sure NRA event goes without police security

Despite having paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to Harrisburg, Pa., to provide a police presence at its local events, the National Rifle Association is complaining that Mayor Eric Papenfuse has dramatically increased the city’s demands in the days before the upcoming Great American Outdoors Show.

With weeks go to until the annual event, NRA spokesperson Jeremy Greene released a statement asserting that Papenfuse’s new requirements made it impossible to coordinate with the city.

In addition to “a 60 percent increase in fees,” Greene cited “a requirement of a $50,000 grant for five years to the city” as an objectionable aspect of the proposal.

“This offer was presented as all or nothing,” he explained. “If we did not accept, the mayor would pull [police] support.”

Papenfuse called his offer “more than generous,” though he did acknowledge that he is not inclined to assist the gun lobbying group in any way.

“It’s no secret that the NRA has worked against the city’s interests repeatedly over the past year,” he said, “causing us to spend tens of thousands of dollars to defend common sense gun ordinances. We don’t need to be doing them any favors.”


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