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Alabama lawmaker starts with college campuses in his mission to ‘eliminate’ gun-free zones

College students in Alabama may soon be able to carry firearms on campus, thanks to a constitutional amendment set to be proposed by Republican State Rep. Mack Butler. He explained that he drafted the bill as he did in order to give residents of his state a voice in the matter.

“By doing it as a constitutional amendment,” he said, “every citizen of our state will have the opportunity to weigh in [and] take ownership of this very important decision.”

If successful in the legislature and endorsed by voters, Butler’s amendment would make Alabama the latest state to allow permit-holders to carry their guns on campus. His proposal takes a less restrictive approach than a similar bill that passed in Texas recently. While the Lone Star State requires armed students and staff to be at least 21 years old, Butler’s proposal only mandates the carrier be a legal adult.

The lawmaker went on to confirm that he has plans to introduce similar bills targeting other areas where guns are currently prohibited.

“I have been working on this bill for months,” he said. “I hope to eliminate every gun-free zone I possibly can, which will increase the safety of all Alabamians.”


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