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Online ‘bias incident’ form lets Mizzou students anonymously snitch on each other

After acknowledging that racial hostility and campus protests have caused a dip in applications ahead of the fall semester, University of Missouri administrators opted to give social justice advocates an even safer way to express their often exaggerated grievances.

Last year, students and faculty clashed over incidents of perceived intolerance against minorities at the school. The event sparked similar demonstrations on campuses across the U.S.

While these protests were largely based on hearsay and unreliable evidence, at least those accused of some wrongdoing could face their accuser. With a new online form available to students, parents and faculty, however, that will no longer necessarily be the case.

“If you have witnessed or experienced a bias incident that has occurred within the MU community,” the site explains, “please use the form below to report the incident anonymously or with your name.”

After listing examples like “name-calling” among actions now deemed acts of intolerance, the school noted that all such incidents should be reported – “regardless of severity.”

In order to protect the feelings of one student, administrators made it clear that they are more than willing to demonstrate their own form of intolerance in the form of retribution against politically incorrect students.

If a stern lecture does not effectively remedy the unwanted behavior, administrators’ next step involves “stronger measures to ensure that the violative behavior is effectively addressed, regardless of the complaining party’s personal preferences.”


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