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Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler unleashes unexpected anti-PC tirade

Known for her anti-GOP, pro-abortion views, it might come as a surprise to some conservatives that entertainer Chelsea Handler shares some ideological real estate where the First Amendment is concerned.

As a comedian, she noted recently that she has a vested interest in making sure she is allowed to speak openly about potentially offensive issues. Beyond her own profession, though, Handler explained that the politically correct narrative dictating much of the nation’s culture has thus far been a detriment.

That realization came, she revealed, following a meeting with representatives from various industry-specific ethnic organizations.

“We had an honest discussion about whether or not it’s funny, appropriate, helpful or hurtful to traffic in ethnic, racial and religious stereotypes,” she recalled, adding that the meeting concluded with everyone “smiling and laughing about examples of politically incorrect humor” clearly not intended to be taken seriously.

That should be the norm, she argued, in American society at large.

“Obviously,” she acknowledged, “we don’t want a nation full of nasty racists and heartfelt misanthropes trumpeting their spite on proud public display, but we do want people to be able to honestly express themselves and know the difference between humor and malice.”

Handler begged people to make fun of her based on her ethnicity, capping off her rant with a bit of patriotism.

“This is America, after all,” she said, “and the First Amendment deserves to come first.”


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