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Ohio University student activists demand ‘cultural competency’ courses to expose ‘prejudices’

Students demonstrating on college campuses across the nation have issued lists of demands, citing a desire to end what they allege is institutional racism. One college experiencing such unrest is Ohio University, where students protested after someone painted over a ‘Black Lives Matter’ display left on the campus’ so-called graffiti wall.

Specifically, Brittany Mitchell of the university’s Black Lives Action Coalition took issue with the supposed euphemism – i.e., ‘Love Matters’ – the individual used to cover the initial graffiti.

“Saying ‘love matters,’” Mitchell insisted, “is just a coded language for saying ‘all lives matter.’ That definitely did not address any of the issues students of color were dealing with at the time.”

As a proposed remedy, Mitchell and the rest of her BLAC cohorts want to see a new series of mandatory “cultural competency” courses on the schedule in time for the spring 2017 semester.

Trashing the “hetero-normative” ideology she assumes permeates every other course offered by the school, Mitchell said she envisions the compulsory class as “a space where we can talk about current issues regarding identity-based conflicts and a forum where people can talk themselves out of their own prejudices.”


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