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New Hampshire: Bernie’s lead with men far outpaces Hillary’s advantage among women

As polls continue to show voters on both sides of the aisle are eschewing presidential candidates believed to be a part of the political establishment, struggling Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton continues to lose ground in her battle against socialist rival Bernie Sanders.

Once considered the obvious nominee, Clinton has lost much of her lead to Sanders in a number of states. A recent Suffolk University poll of New Hampshire primary voters shows Sanders with a nine-point lead over his chief competitor.

Whether the mood of the electorate or the former secretary of state’s own self-inflicted wounds, Clinton is struggling to secure a nomination many thought would be more of a coronation. Her saving grace, i.e., her gender, might not even be enough to save her second flawed presidential campaign.

Though she has a significant lead – 54-37 – with women, her deficit among male voters is much bigger. Sanders, the poll found, enjoys a staggering 42-point lead over Clinton in this huge bloc.

The trend continues when considering also-ran candidate Martin O’Malley. While just one percent of women polled said they expected to support the former Maryland governor, eight times as many men are backing him.

All things considered, only one in four men surveyed plan to support Clinton in the New Hampshire primary next month.


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