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Professor calls conservative students white supremacists, offers to beat them up

According to a series of social media posts by California State University Los Angeles faculty member Robert Weide, the only explanation for a college student to reject the political correctness on campus is racism. Referring to the local chapter of Young American for Freedom’s efforts to attract a conservative speaker to the college, Weide concluded that the motivation was “white supremacy.”

The sociology assistant professor referred to the liberty-minded students multiple times as white supremacists, going so far in one post as to challenge his ideological detractors to a fight.

“FYI tough guy provocateurs,” he wrote, “we have an open mat on campus in the gym in the USU building at 1 p.m. Friday and Noon on Saturday if you want to show us your white supremacy.”

The speaker YAF members invited, Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro, has been a vocal critic of protests against free speech by students and staff at colleges across the U.S.

Mark Kahanding, president of the school’s YAF chapter, reported that he was “shocked and mortified” by Weide’s racial assertions, adding that “it is disgusting to encourage physical violence and to be completely blind when students make threats to the event.”


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