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‘Anyone but Trump’: Pro-life activists sign open letter to Iowans

Days before the nation’s first presidential primary votes are cast, and days after National Review dedicated an entire issue to making the case against the current GOP front-runner, a group of 10 pro-life advocates joined forces to urge Iowa Republicans to caucus for any candidate other than Donald Trump.

Citing “an abundance of alternative candidates with proven records of pro-life leaders whom pro-life voters can support,” their open letter asserted that Trump is not among them.

The letter’s signers went on to assert that, with as many as four Supreme Court justices at stake during the next administration, Trump’s support of his radically pro-abortion sister as a “phenomenal” high court appointment should be a serious concern to voters.

Though Trump left no room for interpretation in 1999 when he proclaimed himself “very pro-choice in every respect,” he has recently dismissed those who question his stance by simply insisting that “everyone understands” he now holds the exact opposite view.


1 Comment on ‘Anyone but Trump’: Pro-life activists sign open letter to Iowans

  1. People are getting very worried about this man. It seems at this stage that all publicity, whether negative or positive, is only helping him further.


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