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Armed victim stops mass shooting at New Orleans business

According to New Orleans police, three men were shot by a wanted felon during an altercation at a gas station in the city. One of the men targeted by the gunman, however, was legally armed and pulled his own handgun, shooting back at suspect Richard Macklin.

Reports indicate Macklin approached a group of men in an interaction that soon became heated. Police believe he opened fire on the men, shooting three and fleeing after he had been shot.


Macklin, who has a lengthy record of violent crime charges, is now facing three charges of attempted second-degree murder in addition to related weapons violations. Police found him at a local hospital, where he had been admitted with a gunshot wound to his head.

Three men in the group involved in the argument were arrested at a separate location on charges of reckless operation of a vehicle.

None of the injured victims were charged and all are expected to recover.

While authorities insist it is “evident” from the circumstances of the crime that Macklin was responsible for escalating the violence, some in the community are defending him.

His sister insists he is a “good guy,” alleging that “the streets” are spreading a different story than police.

Authorities said the victim, Macklin’s 34-year-old ex-girlfriend, was arriving home in the 5100 block of Bundy Road when he confronted her about a supposed infidelity. Macklin threatened to kill the woman, displayed a handgun and then punched her left eye with a closed fist several times, according to a warrant.

Police said they had not been able to find and arrest him before he was involved in Sunday’s shooting. He has been booked on counts of domestic abuse, battery and aggravated assault for the earlier incident, according to court records. His next court date is Thursday .


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