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Anderson Cooper suggests Clinton campaign shake-up fails to address fatal flaw

In a recent segment of his eponymous CNN program, host Anderson Cooper offered his analysis of reports indicating Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton might soon implement some serious changes within the structure of her campaign.

Panelist Gloria Borger acknowledged the struggling candidate’s advisers made some profound missteps early on in her latest White House bid.

Initially, she said the campaign did not take challenger Bernie Sanders seriously until it was too late.

“And secondly,” she said, “they believe she is not connecting, obviously, her heart with the voters — and they need to do something to fix that.”

She went on to concede that it is impossible to “fire the candidate in these kinds of situations,” though Cooper suggested anything short of that might be pointless.

“You know, in the world of TV news, they change the set and then they fire the producer and then finally realize that maybe the anchor is the problem,” he said, evoking knowing laughter from his guests.

Bringing his comparison home with a direct , Cooper asked, “At a certain point, is it the candidate or is it the campaign?”


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