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FBI omits militant Islam from list of “domestic extremist ideologies”


A new FBI website geared toward educating Americans — specifically teens — on the horrors of violent extremism is facing criticism for what some visitors see as a glaring omission.
The page, housed under the bureau’s official website, includes the slogan “Don’t Be a Puppet.” It is being described as an awareness program “aimed at countering” extremist threats.
An interior landing page offers information on international and domestic threats, though only the former includes any direct mention of Islamic terrorism. Clicking on the “Domestic Extremist Ideologies” tab takes visitors to a list of six “of the most common” hate groups identified by the FBI.
Teens are urged to be on the lookout for the supposed threat posed by the likes of pro-life advocates and white supremacists, there is no mention of the Americans being radicalized by Islamic terrorists via social media, trips to the Middle East, and other methods.
Teaching kids to be able to identify threats is a lofty goal. Insisting that “animal rights” or “sovereign citizen” extremists pose a greater threat than Islamic terror, however, is not only wrong but irresponsibly dangerous.

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