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University chancellor calls students racist in outrageous overreaction to face cream photo

College students across the U.S. are attending classes against a backdrop of racial discord and often disruptive social justice activism. Amid widespread threats of further protests, university officials have been quick to denounce even the perception of bias in virtually any form.
One of the latest examples of this troubling trend involves University of Wisconsin at Whitewater and its chancellor, Beverly Kopper.
After a couple of students posted a Snapchat image of themselves with a skin exfoliating mask applied to their faces, Kopper reacted by sending out an email to everyone on campus in which she called the photo “disturbing” and “racist.”
Without even attempting to provide the students’ completely valid and understandable explanation, the chancellor jumped to the worst possible conclusion.
“This post was hurtful and destructive to our campus community,” she alleged.
Acknowledging that she did not hear from the students until after ignorantly outing them as racists, Kopper had the audacity to celebrate the fact that the railroaded students “expressed remorse” for their alleged racial transgression.

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