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Atlanta business owner makes CCW permit mandatory for his employees

In an effort to ensure the safety of his staff and customers, Lance Toland recently informed employees of his Georgia-based insurance company that they would be required to obtain a concealed weapons permit. Upon successfully completing the training course, he provided each with a powerful handgun.

Each of his staff members, Toland confirmed, obtained the permit within three or four weeks of implementing the new policy.

“With the presentation of their license,” he said, “they all got a 410 Judge pistol.”

Explaining much of his staff is female, Toland said he encourages everyone in his employ to carry their firearms while at work. As for those insured through his company, the pro-gun entrepreneur confirmed that they, too, are on board.

“A lot of my clients are high-fiving when they hear this,” he concluded. “They think it’s the best thing for a company to mandate gun ownership and be responsible.”


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