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Texas chief denounces middle school presentation as ‘direct attack on police’

Following the trend of college students across the nation, a group of younger kids recently staged a Black History Month event featuring racially motivated and controversial rhetoric. Among the signs held up by participants at the Rowlett, Texas, middle school were popular slogans including ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot,’ the disproved rallying cry that emerged after the 2014 shooting of black suspect Michel Brown.

Local police chief Mike Broadnax was among the more outspoken critics of the Coyle Middle School presentation.

“Allowing this only promotes the discontent and hatred for police to continue,” he said in an interview following the Fridayevent. “It’s a bad day.”

The school’s principal followed up with a halfhearted apology, in which he insisted that “the intent of the performers was not to offend anyone’s political views,” but acknowledged that “the use of a politicized message on a middle school campus was not the best choice.”


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