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Founders of ‘white people’ dating site speak out against allegations of racism

While ethnically specific dating platforms have existed for years with little to no backlash, the couple behind matchmaking site Where White People Meet have been attacked by an array of critics claiming the service is racist.

“We are not racist at all,” Sam Russell said in a recent interview. “Our lifestyle shows it.”

He explained that he has dated outside of his race and that he and his wife count several blacks among their friends.

Russell, along with his wife, Jodie, decided to create the site after seeing advertisements for Black People Meet.

He went on to acknowledge that he expected negative reactions, which began pouring in soon after a billboard for the site went up in Utah.

Nevertheless, the Russells say their endeavor has created an opening for important racial dialog.

“We realize that you don’t have to get offended every time you hear the word ‘white’ or the word ‘black,” Sam Russell said.

At the end of the day, though, his wife confessed that the primary motivation of his site is one shared by any successful entrepreneur.

“We were just capitalizing on that market,” she said, ” — that multi-million dollar market.”


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