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N.C. teacher takes first-grade class on field trip to Black Lives Matter protest

An elementary school in Durham, N.C., is under fire this week after a first grade teacher took students on a highly controversial outing. According to reports, Stef Bernal-Martinez accompanied the young kids to a racially charged Black Lives Matter march after a few of the students suggested the event as an option.

She recalled, “They were like, ‘Well, people in the civil rights movement and people in the Black Lives Matter movement have always changed things by marching. We need to march.'”

Bernal-Martinez, for whom the terms “radical,” “queer” and “progressive” precede “educator” in her self-styled title, gave the budding activists in her class exactly what they wanted.

“And they were very excited to, sort of, join the movement themselves,” she said.

Not only has the field trip been panned by parents and critics because of BLM’s history of violence and inexcusable rhetoric, many in the community were incensed that parents were not given a chance to decide whether their children should participate.

While some parents explained they would be in favor of an All Lives Matter project, reports indicate they have been told by school officials that no such compromise will be considered.


1 Comment on N.C. teacher takes first-grade class on field trip to Black Lives Matter protest

  1. A bunch of 6 yr olds told her they were interested in marching bc it brings change? I raised 3 kids and I would bet MY LAST DOLLAR that this did not occcur. The stupidest thing I heard all day. But the day just started.


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