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Florida preteen arrested, booked on battery charges, for pinching classmate’s bottom

According to media reports out of Longwood, Fla., a 12-year-old girl is being treated like a violent criminal for engaging in what her parents say was some harmless horseplay. Breana Evans reportedly pinched a fellow student’s butt earlier this month, ultimately prompting authorities to handcuff her and transport her in the back of a patrol car to juvenile detention booking.

“Lord, what has this world come to?” her father asked. “Kids can’t even be a kid.”

Though the boy involved initially told school officials that he did not want Breana to face charges. A short time later, however, his mother apparently expressed a different point of view, leading to a misdemeanor battery charge against the young girl. In order to have the charge expunged from her record, reports indicate she will be forced to perform community service and undergo a series of drug tests in addition to other requirements.

“All I can say for you, lady,” Breana’s dad said to the mother determined to press charges, “is you need some help, I think — too overprotective.”


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