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Minnesota district restores prayer to public school — but only for Muslim students

Buried deep in a PBS article about how the St. Cloud, Minn., school district is accommodating a large Somali population was a telling example of religious bias. While public schools have appropriately been barred from leading students in corporate Christian prayer, this district is going out of its way to satisfy the desires of the Muslim community.

“In the district’s middle and high schools,” the report stated, “Muslim students have access to private rooms with prayer rugs for the five daily prayers.”

Furthermore, Muslim kids will have access to special lunchroom menus and other faith-based perks not extended to students of other faiths.



65 Comments on Minnesota district restores prayer to public school — but only for Muslim students

  1. These commie liberals will be held accountable when the civil war happens. They will be vaccinated with a shot of lead.

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    • Mrs. Lucifer // March 26, 2016 at 9:31 am // Reply

      What the FUCK, moron? If you want to open wide for a mouthful of JEEEEEEZUS and pray to the Dead-Guy-On-A-Stick EVERY five minutes, telling him how you will open your legs to him in the “afterlife”, how much you want to lick Baby Jesus’ loincloth, you are FREE TO DO SO. Prayer is ALWAYS allowed in school, just NOT prayer led by a school official. I hate Islam but FUCK, Dickhead, if Christians want a special menu where they eat a giant wad of JIZZUS, they should have the same perk. All they have to do is ASK. Do they want a special room where they pray to the Virgin Mary? Let ’em have it. BTW, it’s not “liberals” you phuckmouth. I’m a LIBERTARIAN and I believe in a very strong separation of church and state. If you want to live in a THEOCRACY, please feel free to move your Christ-addled ass anywhere in the Middle East or in the third world which is the ONLY area where Christianity has growth potential. You know, among malnourished people with severe IQ problems due to the poverty. Enjoy!


      • …as a fellow libertarian, I just have to say “you’re an asshole”…

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      • Jim Cashman // March 26, 2016 at 12:01 pm //

        Lol. Seperation of church and state is not in the constitution, Hater athiest with your huge IQ. Right.

        I am fine with these people praying in a prayer room. Just don’t send a kid home who is wearing a cross around his neck and wants to pray himself. A libertarian would see the value of freedom in that, and how it jibes with the constitution. You are an intolerant liberal. A person who acuses everyone of doing the things you do. Libertarian my ass.

        Next time call out Mohamad during Ramadan with all the filth you wrote there, leave your real name, then you might impress with your foul mouth.


      • You’re no Libertarian.

        The middle-east has pathetic IQ’s because of Islam. It is a destructive religion which expands in an imperialist fashion, then drags its holdings into tge gutter of human failure.

        Europe became the shining light of civilization because of Christianity. It is a productive religion with civilization building principles.

        I say this as a Norse Heathen practicing philosophical agnostic.


      • While I appreciate your right to your own opinion, your delivery is crude, profane and unwarranted. On the eve of Christ’s resurrection, may His love one day change your heart and you embrace His grace. Happy Easter!


      • Fuck you and your stupid liberalism bitch, you are not the real face of liberalism, you have just hijaked it with your flappy faced vaginas and cocky mouth full of cum. Your version of liberalism is without facts, reasoning, and basic ability to understand. You are stupid cunts who actually think that posing as a liberal would portray you as the societies elite. Fucking cocksucking cunt.


      • Eric Diekmann // March 26, 2016 at 3:43 pm //

        lol off your meds I see, that’s ok maybe shock therapy will help you.


      • Frank Pierce // March 26, 2016 at 3:44 pm //

        Mrs. Lucifer, as a Libertarian I have to inform you that your rant is anything but true. Christians have sued many, many times to be able to pray in public schools. A few cases have even been heard by the Supreme Court, and the Christians have been ruled against by siting the seperation of church and state.
        But, that isn’t the offensive part. The real offensive part is a government entity has cupitulated to one religion over other religions, spending taxpayer money to accomadate said religion. That is the hypocracy of the Liberal Progressives.

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      • Baby Love // March 26, 2016 at 3:44 pm //

        You’re sick and need serious psychological htlp


      • Enjoy your eternal swim in the lake of fire.


      • Hi Mrs. L, I feel sorry for your type , so full of hatred, so blind , so angry, with a very small vocabulary . You’re obviously not a libertarian, but you are very ill in your spirit.
        If you are truly a Seeker of Truth, without an agenda, ask God to reveal His Only Begotton Son Jesus Christ the Lord to you. He loves you , He died and rose again the third day for you !
        Place your faith in Him and He’ll save you , Trust Him, to do for you, that which you cannot do for yourself !

        As far as satan goes , he was defeated over 2000 years ago . Please do not follow him to hell ! satan hates your guts and wants to destroy you.
        I’m sorry things are working out this way for you right now , and I’ll pray for you .

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      • Jesus,
        You’re an embarrassment to Libertarians everywhere. Secularism has served Americans so well. All its managed to do is leave an opening for a murdering political regime disguised as a religion to take hold. “You have to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything” is more than just a saying. If you prefer to believe in nothing, then that is your right, but you do not have the right to force your secular belief system on to others. Which is EXACTLY what you’ve gotten away with doing for quite some time now, hopefully that’s soon to change. Christianity needs a huge revival, because in case you haven’t noticed, religion isn’t stuck in a 3rd world Country at all, it’s migrated to America, Europe and ALL Western Nations. Had there not been such a huge push for secularism in these Nations years ago, the threat of this and all other other Western Nations coming under the very rigid religious rule of Islam would not be so real. If you honestly believe that there no chance of that happening, you had better wake up. The only way fight the religious extremism of Islam is with religion. Christianity doesn’t promote killing those who don’t believe, it’s the only thing that will combat Islam. History repeats itself, the religious war has been brought. America is woefully unprepared now, thanks to all the “advanced” reasoning of secularism.
        And by the way, I haven’t been to a church but a handful of times in my life, so I am not a religious zealot, but I recognize the role that it played and there’s a serious void without it.


      • IF alllla promises and procures 72 virgins, then he is a PIMP // March 26, 2016 at 8:34 pm //

        is your factual vocabulary THAT LIMITED ?
        you have no relation to mr lucifer as he always appears better than anything you ever knew so…..your garbage just LED someone to CHRIST.
        anyway, no taxpayer funded school has any legal basis to open a prayer room.


      • You’re no libertarian. If you were, you would not object to Muslims being given a prayer room of their own, but would also be open to those of other faiths being able to worship in the same manner. Atheism and agnosticism would also be acceptable. Libertarians basically just want to be left alone and they generally leave other people alone. We are also better educated than you appear to be.

        What you appear to be is a liberal. Liberals think their flatulence has no odor and they have all the answers. Everyone who disagrees with them is to ‘shut up.’ They take the slightest criticism of themselves, or of any of their policies, personally. They have no sense of humor. They are elitist hypocrites, pretending to help others to whom they feel ‘superior.’ Everything they do serves one purpose: to make them feel good about themselves. Does that pretty much sum it up?


      • From the first sight of your avatar, I realized that you had problems. Little did I know until I read your post.

        Firstly, you are VULGAR, have little to no knowledge of law and/or common sense. WHY did you immediately attack Christ and not ISLAM?

        Either you are a supreme troll, or a simple troublemaker. “Christians” as you call them prayed in school since the formation of the country, Now tell me expert, what do you have to say about that? How many murders/shooting/stabbings occurred in schools before prayer was removed? Now…how many have occurred prayer has been removed from schools?

        And no, if someone other than a Muslim does ask for special prayer privileges, they will be read the “law” and maybe even force the ACLU to lecture their parents via a school bulletin. That is fact and one that cannot be denied by any sane person.

        I sincerely pray for you that Christ is all his patience, forbearance, and love for you will save you from the psychological prison that you are in now.

        How could you honestly be a Libertarian when you follow the ultimate liar himself – Satan.


      • You call your self a libertarian I call you a foul mouth son of a bitch. You say people of faith should move to some place where Christianity has a chance to grow. I say Christians should take their Bibles and guns and start killing bastards like you. I pray you have a short life like maybe 5 minutes.


      • You are grossly stupid!


      • Just_a_Dick // March 27, 2016 at 9:52 am //

        Wow, Happy Easter Mrs. Lucifer.


      • tonykeywest // March 27, 2016 at 11:19 am //

        What a pig you are.


      • Fred Fittin // March 27, 2016 at 12:17 pm //

        Did you ever get past the fifth grade…you low-IQ imbecile?!


      • Fuckin aye, you’re the second poser I’ve had to deal with in two days. First, I don’t give a shit if YOU EAT your husbands shit at the altar of satan or fuck goats before you slaughter them and drink their blood. Or more likely in your case, doin’ a circle blowjob on all your high priests. All I notice is you have no problem trashing Christians, yet you only say THREE words about islam. And you know why ? Because you’re a fuckin’ coward who slurs and denigrates people you know won’t fight back. You can use all the slurs you want against me (as a matter of fact , I would expect nothing less from a feeble mind like yours), but here’s one simple request you phony ,posing coward. Post a derogatory picture of Mohamed and denigrate islam the same way you did above to Christianity. And one more thing , post your real name and address after you do it, you fucking phony.


      • Shannon Spooner // March 27, 2016 at 2:45 pm //

        I’m going to pray for You today,and tomorrow,and the next day.I hope that anyone reading this can see how the lack Jesus Christ our lord and saviour in one”s life breeds hatefullness.Thank You for helping to make this so evident
        And God bless You and God bless America!


      • Montanan // March 27, 2016 at 3:17 pm //

        I feel the same about you too. Please feel free to move to a country that wasn’t founded on Christianity, or if you don’t see that as an option at the moment then I very much encourage you to use option #2, open your veins and mix your filth with dung, paint your face with it, then shove your head up a goat’s ass and blow bubbles. Have a nice way of day👍


      • Jeaneete // March 27, 2016 at 4:10 pm //

        Your comments are so horrible. I feel so sorry for you. There is a better way than to live with such hate. Jesus is your answer I will pray for you.


    • Ah, another good fascist, another good, “if he can’t have his way, kill ’em” organized crime boss.

      You’re despicable.


  2. So separation of church and state has an exemption for muslims?
    Nice to live where laws are applied evenly and fairly.

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  3. This so dumb here in Amer5


  4. That is BIGOTRY and DISCRIMINATION. It is a HATE rule since it targets specific Religions.

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  5. Are there any real MEN or WOMEN left in the State Of Minnesota ?

    People , your Nation’s being overthrown right before your eyes !

    You have the Legal Right to stand up and say no, NO, NO , NOT IN OUR Generation !
    We have the CONSTITUTION and THE BILL OF RIGHTS ,not requests, USE THEM !
    Stand up , speak up, drag these idiots to court, and drive them from any position of power, they are SUBVERSIVES !
    Let me remind the powers that be , We do NOT need your permission to pray ANYPLACE we want to, we have a CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS , and I’m glad to say your COMMIE PROPAGANDA is about completely worn out in America !

    Minnesota , take the time to really learn about islam , from the beginning, to present time.

    It is NOT a Religion of peace, never has been , never will be !

    Read their so called holy books , and just look at World History.
    Look at what happens in every nation as the percentage of muslims increases within the population. It always ends up in VIOLENCE, it has never failed to , anytime, anywhere!

    Do NOT take my word on it , EDUCATE YOURSELVES !
    DO NOT take what the politically correct, leading you and your children to slaughter news media, is telling you as truth.
    Take the time to Educate yourself .

    islam would have to cease from being islam to be non-violent, I just can’t see that happening. Educate yourselves.
    I don’t have to indict islam, their so called holy books , and their actions throughout History do that quite nicely, always have, always will !
    Pray for these poor people , and then stand up , speak up, and remind the dim wits making the rules that WE THE PEOPLE still have a say in what goes on in OUR COUNTRY, and that they can be removed from power a lot easier than they got there .

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    • We have been speaking up, but are then called a racist. Our worthless Governor Dayton told a crowd in St. Cloud recently, this is the new Minnesota, if you don’t like it leave! We did not ask for them to come to Minnesota, Lutheran social services and Catholic charities dump them here and then leave it to the local communities to pick up the bill.


    • There’s no real men left in Minnesota it’s just like you’re freaking football team


    • I’m with you Chris, we are dealing with brainwash, I know because I use to be, If you knew what I know, It’s the Rothschild’s, and throw a little Nazism in there. (Albert Pike)what the hell. One more thing, our votes don’t matter, ask Curly H. from North Dakota, he is on the RNC. What a great future we got.


  6. Chris, ever read the bible? It’s as bloodthirsty, venal and cruel as the Koran. It’s just that we’ve managed to drag Christianity into, if not the 20th century, at least the 16th.


    • Me thinks you have not read it scriptures either. The Bible and other scriptures has the wars and other so called bloodthirsty things in there to teach that there must be a way to protect ones self from the debaucheries of corrupt people bent on destroying others for the sake of just doing it, like the islam muzzies do now. So I assume you are for the corrupt and insane group as you protect their ways.

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    • Why don’t you go TROLLING SOMEWHERE ELSE !!!!!!!

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    • Yeah, that “love thy neighbor” thing, what cruel bloodthirstiness abounding therein!

      John, you’re on drugs.


      • Got a figure of how many Christians blew themselves and other up this year? Cut off peoples’ heads? Thought not. Yes, there are some bloody passages in the Bible’s Old Testament. The New Testament, however, is all about Christ’s love. Comparing Christianity and the Bible to islam the qu’ran is like comparing golf balls to cactus.


    • It’s obvious that you haven’t John and Phillip, or maybe you’re not equipped to understand the Scriptures yet . 1 Cor.2: 11, 12


  7. I live in the Seattle area and the same in being done in our schools as well! I was shocked because I remember America’s battle on prayer in the schools. This was done quietly and without the knowledge of the general public…and is still being done today. ACLU should be jumping all over this!

    America, where have you gone?

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  8. Hey folks, only 2 people to blame here, Obama and Amy Klobuchar. period and it’s going to get worse, before it gets better. and it will get better.


  9. YOUR ABOUT TO BE IN A NUCLEAR WAR,the demoncrates are to blind and stupid to realize this fact,THE REPUBLICONS,love war to,LIKE INSANE Mc CANE,all it will take is to IGNORE whats in front of your face and soon you’ll be injected with poison vaccines and taken to a FEMA DEATH CAMP,where you will die,DON’T take THE MICRO-CHIP or THE MARK OF THE BEAST,…OR YOU WILL NEVER be allowed into heaven……BUT you will be dieing soon,AMERICA IS “GONE,GONE,GONE…………


  10. The first court challenge will change all this. You can’t allow one without the other.


  11. Beano McReano // March 26, 2016 at 12:39 pm // Reply

    Double standards and the treachery of our leaders. This is designed to bring chaos so you cry out for more government.

    As Muslims seek only to dominate, tax or garrote your neck.


  12. one day maybe 4 or 5 of them will come in there with suicide vest strapped on


  13. Wendell Pruitt // March 26, 2016 at 3:50 pm // Reply

    First and foremost prayer has not been removed from school, It has simply been said in U.S. Supreme Court decisions….

    “NO School Official can lead any religious exercise of faith that will give the appearance of sanctioning one belief above all others…..”

    Further it has been clearly stated that

    If one group is given privlidges or accommodation the same considerations must be afforded to all others that have similar requests…..

    Where this all goes astray is when some principal or low level School employee decides to bring their personal beliefs and desires to the classroom…

    Then on the other side of the coin are the intolerant parents who also play into the game of being a victim of civil rights violations ….

    I personally would like to see all RELIGIOUS aspects of learning to be left in the Home and Church of the Parents choice… The same would be well applied to Government across the board, These public servants who refuse serve the public because of their own personal religious beliefs have no place in a free nations system of government


  14. Do you people really not understand the difference between school-led MANDATORY prayer, which was, justifiably, struck down by the Supreme Court, and allowing a space for students to do their prayers properly? I belonged to a prayer group and Bible study in my school. We were actually given time out of class for it at points. Any Christian child who wants to pray can and does. Any Christian child that wants to have a (student-led) prayer circle can have one. Are you all so seriously bigoted against liberals and Muslims that you cannot see the difference between forcing all students to conform to a majority religion and allowing all students the space and time to practice their own?


    • Guillermo F // March 26, 2016 at 7:18 pm // Reply

      Really? Is that why everytime there is a hint of Christmas or Easter in a public school you liberal maggots go crazy? The only reason you liberals go along with the muslim prayer in schools is because this is an evil cult.


      • Really? MAGGOT? Can you really not see another American citizen as human if they are a liberal? Yet somehow it’s just Muslims that are evil? Frankly I despise a great part of Islam AND Christianity for the hatred they breed, And you are a perfect example of it – your “Christianity” leads you to hate just as much as the radical Muslims.

        And the rest of your spewing is just a strawman. You really seem to be incapable of distinguishing between mandatory and optional, school-led and not. It’s not a “hint” of Easter or Christmas that’s a problem, or all our schools wouldn’t be off on Friday.

        Any Christian student who wants to do their Easter or Christmas thing will be just as fine as the Muslim prayer rooms. In fact they could probably hold their Bible studies in that same room (just not the same time)

        Your problem is you can’t handle it when you can’t force everyone to go along with YOUR particular religious traditions. Somehow it’s different when Christians do it.


    • Did you even read the whole article word for word or just get the jist of it, because I don’t remember reading about anybody else getting their own prayer room or anything about a Jewish Kosher menu. It’s all to involved and you can’t cater to everyone so it’s best to cater to no one and give everyone a shot at after school activities, funded by the individual groups of course so as not to be a burden on “offended” other group/taxpayers.


  15. David L. Rosenthal // March 27, 2016 at 4:50 am // Reply

    Feeding trolls is bad policy. Do not give it attention, and it will go away.


  16. Get a hold of American Center for Law and Justice. Prayer is allowed in school and folks should not have to fight for their rights. and

    Please people it is up to you to stand up for your rights and take action. If you don’t stand up you have seen what happens.

    Speak up, speak out, speak now. Take make your rights that were founded under the Constitution.


  17. Forgive me for being so slow , but for the life of me, I can’t find all of this hatred that Christianity breeds anywhere in the Bible , and I’ve been looking for it .
    Phoenix , could you direct me to it ? Thank You , C.


    • It isn’t in the Bible, so you may stop looking for it. And we don’t hate anyone. We are just tired of others selectively applying a standard to us but not to other religions. Especially since islam isn’t a religion, but a cult. Now you know. Thanks for asking.


    • Hi Brother Thomas, Praise God, Jesus Christ is Lord !
      I’m a Christian myself, and I’ve always heard about all of this hatred in the Bible .
      I’ve been in the Bible for many years , and read things that non believers could read out of the context they were written in, and possibly come to the wrong conclusions . Unfortunately many Men have done this exact thing in Gods name before, hence cults, false teachings and so forth ,
      BUT that’s not Gods fault, that’s not the Bibles fault.
      Men are at fault for that.
      The Word of God is Holy , Righteous, Pure ,and True, and Accurate ! The Bible is a Love Letter that comes from outside of Space and Time and provides a Historical Account of how{ God made a way} to reconcile Mankind to Himself by sending His Only Begotten Son to pay Mans Sin Debt in full upon the Cross, thereby giving all who would receive Him , and believe upon Him Eternal Life ! There’s no other book like it on the Planet, It truly is Gods Word !
      People need to Prayerfully approach the Scriptures with a humble and contrite heart asking the Holy Spirit of God to open their eyes, and reveal His Word to them, and find out Who said what, why did He say it,when did He say it what were the reasons, possible outcomes , etc etc.
      Then here is a really hard thought for some people now days .
      Who is God , I’m not , you’re not.there’s not a man walking the planet today that is ,not since Jesus Christ the Lord ascended into Heaven, and with that established, you and I both know that Men and Women need to make a decision.
      Are they God ? and if they’re not God maybe they should look into His Word and see what He has to say about this whole nine yards ,What does He say about His Son ?
      Eternity is such a long time , it transcends time ! There’s no reset button, get out of jail card, no where to unplug it ,and one out of every one people are going to die, and after that the Judgement.

      You can be right about everything else in the World, but if you are wrong about Jesus Christ you will lose it all !

      The Bible does not teach hate , never has,never will !

      One last thing to those who do not believe , If the preaching of the Cross is foolishness to you, it is because you are perishing !
      Right as you’re reading this, one heartbeat, one breath away from eternity at any given moment.
      1 Cor . 1 :18
      Please do not perish !
      In truth from your heart , ask the Father to reveal His Son to you.
      It’s not His will that any man should perish, That’s why He sent Jesus.
      Read Rom. 10 :1-13
      Verse 13 says For whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved . You are a whosoever !


  18. My children are Christians at this school and they feel unwelcome and very offended by having to see Muslim prayer rooms and by watching children dealing with the heads on the floor praying to Allah. This offends us in the same way that any religious images offends atheists. If they cannot be any accommodation for Christians they cannot be any combination for other religions.


    • Hi Rob I understand what you are saying, but at the same time America was formed a Christian Nation, of that there’s no doubt, it’s all through our History , and even the Supreme Court has ruled it as such. Read about the first Church in our Nations Capital, the one our Leaders attended, and where it was located, Read the writings of our Founding Fathers, Look on all of the Government buildings at the Capitol. Look at the Constitution. We Are A Christian Nation!

      When Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists about separation of Church and State , he was reinforcing the idea that the Government would have no power over the exercise of Mans ability to worship God .— No Government mandated Denomination .

      It was about Freedom of Religion, Not freedom from Religion !

      And all of this in a Christian Nation .

      Think about it , the{ Pagans in Government,and the private sector } have taken Jefferson’s own words , twisted them , and are now shouting from the housetops, { that they themselves only,} have the right to make all of the rules that Christians and everyone else are to live by !
      You see ?
      The Anti Christian Pagans get to make all of the rules !
      Pagan Rules , Here in a Christian Nation , have we lost our minds ?
      Their no.1 rule , don’t let Christians make any rules ! Drive God out of the public eye, mock Him and His Children the Christians, marginalize them like Hitler did the Jews leading up to the holocaust!

      That’s why our Society has fallen on its face.

      This is 100% NOT what Jefferson was talking about !

      This IS Insane !

      I remember a time back before the Pagans totally took over , and it was a better time,and I’ve watched our Country going down hill in direct relation to the attempt to drive God out of the National Mindset. This is Statistically a fact . It’s provable

      With that said I would fight for any ones right to practice their Religion, any Religion, but not at the expense of Christianity ! This is America ! This is a Christian Nation !

      Now the Pagans are telling us we have to be sorry that we’re Christians, that we have to be sorry that we’re Americans, and that we have to give up our Rights as a free Christian people, and then accommodate those who worship a non-existent deity, those who would destroy us !
      NO, no ,no, I believe in Legal, Vetted immigration,and assimilation,and freedom of Religion for all people, but whats going on now is pure madness.
      Some how the message is we have to stop being us , The Greatest Nation in World History ! That we need to destroy the Worlds Last Best Hope for Freedom because we might offend them? MAN IS IT GETTING DARK OUT OR WHAT ? UNBELIEVABLE !

      Christians do not have a Constitutional Right to not be offended, and neither should any other person or group .

      BUT WE, ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION, and Christians should be able to pray anywhere, any time, At School , Ball Games, in Public, at the Nations Capital , and other Religions and Atheists need to learn how to grow up, and roll with it ! They do not have a Constitutional Right to not be offended ! This is a Christian Nation, and I for one am not sorry or ashamed of that fact !
      Have We The People forgotten that it’s Our Nation ?

      Henry Kissenger said the only thing that prevented a New World Order,/World Government,from coming into being, was a Strong United States of America !
      Whats going on today is easy to see for anyone really looking.

      Yes it’s dark outside , but look up my Bros. and Sisters , our Redemption draws nigh !
      {We know the end of the story} .
      {we’ve already won} !
      That happened on a Cross outside of Jerusalem over 2000 yrs ago !
      Victory in Jesus !


  19. I wouldn’t get too worked up people. I see stories like this all the time that make claims with no supporting evidence. This one say’s that “somewhere” “buried” in a PBS article there is a claim that “the” St. Cloud, Minn., school district is doing this. There is no reference to the specific PBS article. Only that such a legitimate article supposedly exists. There is also no reference to the specific St. Cloud, Minn., school district where this has happened. I think quality journalism always backs up it’s claims with verifiable facts and I have noticed various publications that do not do this, but they keep writing articles without supporting evidence because it makes them money! Occasionally a story without supporting evidence turns out to be right, but from my experience it’s few and far between.


    • It appears you skipped over the article’s link, which will take you directly to the aforementioned PBS article. The Extract provides in-article links for all citations.


  20. ChristianTaxpayer // May 16, 2016 at 11:56 am // Reply

    where is the public schools accomodation for Jews and Christians in their prayer? They ban athletes from prayer after a score. Seems a lot like discrimination. If they took out prayer in school for Christians then no to Muslim prayer. They can charter their own schools and leave it out of public schools. Have you ever thought about the Christian, Jewish, Hindu parents who are paying the school taxes and not make concessions for them? No more should ANY GOVERNMENT of USA be submissive to Muslim traditions!


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