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Gov. Scott Walker dismisses notion Cruz endorsement was an anti-Trump move

Following Donald Trump’s resounding defeat in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary, the GOP presidential front-runner issued a written statement in which he blamed rival Ted Cruz, along with much of the Republican establishment, for his recent electoral misfortunes.

The Texas senator, Trump’s statement alleged, “had the Governor of Wisconsin [Scott Walker], many conservative talk radio show hosts, and the entire party apparatus behind him.”

Since endorsing Cruz after his own presidential bid, Walker has faced criticism that the move was merely an attempt to prevent Trump from clenching the party nomination. In a recent interview, he flatly denied any such motive.

“The bottom line is I am 100 percent behind Ted Cruz,” Walker said. “I didn’t come out against anybody, I came out with Ted.”

As for rumors that he might emerge as a consensus candidate should July’s Republican National Convention be contested, Walker again dismissed the notion.

“I’m going to support [Cruz] not only here in the primary,” he concluded, “I’m going to support him all the way through the convention.”


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