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Clinton campaign actively pursuing the nation’s alien abductee voters

As Hillary Clinton’s popularity plummets across various voting blocs, the Democrat presidential front-runner was caught on a live microphone earlier this month acknowledging her campaign needs to “get the energy going.”

Perhaps one way to accomplish that goal is by pandering for the X-Files vote.

Clinton campaign manager John Podesta revealed in an interview this week that the former secretary of state would, as president, “ask for as many records as the United States federal government has to be declassified” regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

He went on to assert that Americans have “legitimate questions” about “unidentified aerial phenomena,” calling on federal agencies to seriously address these concerns.

The interview was not the first time the Clinton camp has paid attention to this particular special-interest group. Late last year, the candidate herself mentioned the possibility of establishing a “task force to go to Area 51.”


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