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Paul Ryan sets low bar, says he is ‘better’ House speaker than Boehner

Following his reluctant ascension to Congressional leadership, House Speaker Paul Ryan has continued to be one of the Republican Party’s notable unifying forces. While he has weathered plenty of criticism along the way, the Wisconsin representative recently revealed that he believes he is a more effective speaker than his predecessor, the widely unpopular John Boehner.

“I think I do it better,” Ryan opined in a recent interview. “Not to knock John, but I spend more time with all of our members on a continual basis.”

Several on Capitol Hill, including Georgia Rep. Tom Price, agree.

“There is so much more organic in terms of what is occurring in our conference right now,” he said of Paul’s leadership, “and it’s what previously frustrated many members. They felt like decisions were made on high and that they were simply asked to salute.”


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