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Minimum-wage activist now claims ‘living wage’ needs to be set at $21 per hour

Even as advocates for an increased minimum wage are staging protests across the nation in support of a $15 hourly floor, one prominent figure in the movement is wasting no time in setting a higher goal.
According to Restaurant Opportunities Center United Founder Saru Jayaraman, $15 an hour is insufficient. In a recent released video, the activist said:
“If you are taking into account child care and transportation and everything that people need to live. … You are talking much higher — $17, $21. So $15 is not a livable wage and I don’t think anyone, I hope no one is claiming that it is.”




1 Comment on Minimum-wage activist now claims ‘living wage’ needs to be set at $21 per hour

  1. A minimum wage job is not intended to be a career. It is a stepping stone to a higher paying job.

    Also, not everyone needs a living wage. Teenagers, seniors, and stay at home mothers (or fathers) may just want to earn some extra income.

    The central problem with raising the minimum wage is the government can control the wage, but companies control the number of hours that they buy. This is why I think the long-term goal of the $15 minimum wage movement is a guaranteed annual income.

    If you are interested I wrote a short post (425 words) called “Why Raising the Minimum Wage Can Result in a Lower Unemployment Rate.” I am open to any feedback on it:


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