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Pair of illegals sentenced in beating death of 90-year-old Minnesota man

More than a year after 90-year-old Earl Olander was tied up, robbed and beaten to death in his Carver County, Minn., home, reports indicate two illegal immigrants have been sentenced to more than 37 years apiece for their participation in the vicious crime.

Reinol Vergara, 35, and Edson Benitez, 29, each faced up to 80 years behind bars for the April 11 deadly home invasion.

Reports indicate the pair is believed to have entered Olander’s home through an unsecured rear entry. They allegedly encountered the elderly victim as he was sleeping, hitting him in the head with a shotgun and tying him up as they stole valuables from his home.

Authorities were alerted to the men’s possible involvement in the crime by a citizen who was cleaning out a recently vacated St. Paul apartment and found two savings bonds payable to the order of Olander. Benitez reportedly lived at the residence recently.


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