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All of Tennessee’s job growth since 2000 has gone to immigrants

This article is part of a series documenting the Obama administration’s sordid legacy. It was originally published by The Informed Conservative and is reprinted here with permission.

On the surface, evidence seems to show the Volunteer State’s job market is gaining ground across the board. A recent Center for Immigration Studies analysis of Tennessee’s employment gains over the past 14 years, however, tells a different story.

According to the report, immigrants — both legal and illegal — account for all of the state’s job gains since 2000. In fact, even though immigrants were able to secure nearly 100,000 new jobs in that period, native-born citizens actually lost almost 50,000 positions.

Considering the fact that natives represented 60 percent of the population growth over that time, the trend is even more startling. The CIS report cited the undeniable lesson its analysis teaches.

“This undermines the argument that immigration increases job opportunities for natives.”

Steven Camarota, the center’s research director, wondered how Tennessean lawmakers could endorse pro-amnesty rhetoric that would only exacerbate the issues his study exposed.

“It’s remarkable that any political leader in Tennessee would support legislation that would increase the number of foreign workers allowed into the country, given the relatively weak job growth in the state and the large share of working-age people not working.”


1 Comment on All of Tennessee’s job growth since 2000 has gone to immigrants

  1. steve crawford // May 28, 2016 at 11:32 am // Reply

    The influx of illegal Immigrants and refugees, and the H-1B & H-2B bills will affect job growth for American citizens, Please note many states are AGAINST E-verify that would allow contractors to hire immigrants at much lower wages, thus increasing their profits. Trump and his Republican buddies are allowing this to happen. Do your internet search and learn.


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