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Driving record prevents New Jersey man from getting concealed carry permit

An appellate court recently upheld the decision of Perth Amboy, N.J., authorities to deny a handgun permit to a local man based solely on his record of traffic tickets. Over the past 15 years, motorist Rahman Idlett has racked up roughly a violation per year, which Superior Court Judge Joseph Rea called in his decision earlier this year “one of the worst driving records” he has seen from a prospective gun permit holder.

Such a record behind the wheel, he argued, suggests Idlett might also disregard gun safety laws.

“Having a driving record this atrocious consistently, over a long period of time,” Rea added, “says a lot about a person and their respect for the law and their ability to comport themselves appropriately within legal boundaries.”

The rationale, however, failed to resonate with numerous critics.


Nevertheless, an appeals court upheld the lower rulings, stating gun permits are typically withheld from “persons likely to pose a danger to the public.”


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