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NJ school rejects 15-year-old patriot’s photography project

A Ringoes, N.J., high school student took seriously his photography teacher’s recent assignment to compose a self-portrait expressing his own identity. The 15-year-old proud patriot stood on the back of his four-wheeler, gripping an American flag in one hand and his 12-gauge shotgun in the other.

Joshua Bruner’s mother, Darcy Meys, said her son’s photograph reflects a “patriot” who loves his country. Hunterdon Central Regional High School administrators were not as impressed.

In a letter to Meys, the teacher wrote that school policy prohibits students “from using artwork depicting themselves or another person with any weapon.”

Given the assignment at hand was to create a composition of self-expression, however, the upset mother wondered why the teen was singled out.

“Josh was just showing pride for his country and who he is as a shooter and as a kid who wants to be in the Marines and protect his country and follow in his grandfather’s footsteps,” Meys said.

She added that he held his gun correctly and showed respect for the flag during the photo session.

In an effort to at least allow Bruner to get some credit for his work, the teacher did offer to accept the work. His photo, however, will not be hosted on the school’s server or anywhere else the other photographs will be available for viewing.


2 Comments on NJ school rejects 15-year-old patriot’s photography project

  1. He should have ditched the flag and shotgun, grabbed a Koran, put on a turbin, and held an AK47, his picture would have been given front row placement…….


  2. I would ask to be shown that policy. Sounds to me like they made it up because they did not like it.


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