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SC bill would mandate high school students learn about founding documents

In generations past, a major focus of grade school education dealt with civics — with an emphasis on the Constitution and other documents that dictate how America’s government was designed to operate.

As ideological shifts in the national culture played out in the public school system, though, these courses have been gutted, discontinued or replaced with revisionist history lessons. Conservative lawmakers in states across the U.S. are taking notice and attempting to remedy what they see as a clear deficiency in the education of America’s next generation.

Last year, Arizona became the first state to require graduating high school seniors earn a passing grade on the same test taken by immigrants before becoming American citizens.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley this week signed a bill that will require high school students in her state to pass a yearlong course on the nation’s founders and the principles on which they established the United States.

Republican State Rep. Chip Huggins, a proponent of the South Carolina Founding Principles Act, explained that he has been “worried about the erosion away from our foundation,” expressing hope the new law will help students “get back to the basics.”


9 Comments on SC bill would mandate high school students learn about founding documents

  1. Terence McLaughlin // June 18, 2016 at 9:54 pm // Reply

    Thank you we should of kept it that way from the start!!! If we would have we wouldn’t have an idiot like we do now hell we would of never had multiple idiots in office so let’s name just a few TRUST me list is a lot more bigger but not enough time to do all so you all will know and already should know we’re this is going so here it is Clintons gore Obama Biden carter etc etc List is large but teaching our youth now isn’t to late it’s never to Late I’m happy to see this and with this we can put some good politicians and citizens in general back in the USA Ten Commandments need to be put back in ALL GOVERMENT buildings and schools, put American flag on one side of room in school and Christian flag on other side and need to say the pudge to both flags B4 the start of school with a prayer to start and that should be back in all schools and government offices as well!! Then watch how the US gets back to its glory days and have God fearing citizens politicians law enforcement and keep God first watch America prosper!!


    • Your anout everything except the Christian flag. So many people get this part confused in the Constitution of united states. We are a nation of God not Christianity that why our country has a freedom of religion act. Also separation of church and state in the Constitution which means you cant have religion in public schools because we are a nation of multible religion so if you did one religion in punlic schools you would have to do them all Therefor to put the christian flag in classrooms would be unconstitional.Thats why this is a good thing kids will now the constitution for actually what it means and not for how people interpet it.


  2. Jerry Whited // June 19, 2016 at 5:30 am // Reply

    This is a wonderful idea and I`m glad Arizona and South Carolina are making changes to the schools curriculums. My only awkward thought is, are the teachers in those States qualified to “teach” about The United States Constitution? I surely would not want my child taught by someone who has not been educated about The Constitution, and teaching their own thoughts and perceptions of what is in this great document. Many of the younger teachers haven`t had any schooling about this piece of paper that provides all Americans with the foundation of all our rights. I`m quite sure the States administration would have some qualifications to teach about this sensitive subject in todays world. Good for you Arizona and South Carolina. Lead the way to have this being implemented in our nation schools again today.


    • Jason Downs // June 19, 2016 at 6:00 pm // Reply

      As a South Carolina resident, I learned a great deal from American government in high school. American government is also mandated in the state of South Carolina in order to graduate high school.


    • No such animal such as separation of church and state in the Constitution. Find it and I will give you $10,000. That phrase was in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to a minister in Connecticut.


  3. Thank you! I am writing today to let our Congressmen know how strongly I feel about this omission in our state’s schools.


    • You are right. Also the separation from Chruch and state doesn’t mean that you can’t have government. Document in Chruch are vice-versa. It ment that any person could practice any religion it wanted too and the government could not dictate witch one. But the left tries to change the meanings to acomadate what they want it too.


  4. I only hope that all public schools would get back to teaching about America’s great founding.


  5. when I was in the 8th grade I had to pass the U.S. Constitution test in order to graduate and again when I was a junior in high school in order to graduate it’s a shame this still isn’t done and children today have no idea what it contains the fact that a lot of students can’t even read or write today is honestly horrible and this thing about no student left behind was a horrible idea to begin with this is a step in the right direction I hope to see real education return to our schools


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