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Swedish report: 7 in 10 ‘child’ migrants are likely adults

Much of the controversy surrounding the influx of largely Syrian refugees into Europe has dealt with the inability to properly vet individual migrants. Therefore, it is abundantly easy for criminals — whatever their intent — to lie to authorities in their asylum nation in order to guarantee entry.

According to Morgan Johannson, Sweden’s justice and migration minister, roughly 70 percent of the incoming refugees who claim to be minors between the 15 and 17 years old are likely much older adults.

He stressed the importance of ascertaining immigrants’ true ages.

“Adults should live with adults and children should live with children,” he said, “which is why this should be done as early as possible in the procedure.”

There has been some debate about the accuracy of tests used to determine the refugees’ ages. The fact that immigrants have lied about their age to commit violent acts in Sweden, however, is undisputed.

In one case of self-identified minors accused of raping a 12-year-old boy at a refugee camp, one of the suspects was later determined to have been born in 1971.


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