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Study shows Arabic by far America’s fastest-growing language

Though politicians on both sides of the immigration issue spend significant time discussing the influx of Latino immigrants across the nation’s southern border, a recent Pew Research Center study suggests the nation’s culture is shifting in a different, more pronounced direction.

With bilingual signage and documents readily visible from coast to coast, it might seem logical to assume Spanish is rapidly gaining on English as the nation’s dominant language. Using sheer numbers, the argument makes sense; however, the recent study showed Arabic is spreading many times faster throughout the country than any other language — including Spanish.

Pew found residents 5 years old and older speaking Arabic in the home rose by a staggering 29 percent between 2010 and 2014. That rise is in comparison to a more modest six percent increase in the prevalence of Spanish-speakers.

Furthermore, of the more than 1 million U.S. residents speaking Arabic, nearly 4 in 10 do not speak English proficiently.


1 Comment on Study shows Arabic by far America’s fastest-growing language

  1. Why are US citizens in such disarray, because, languages indigenous to other cultures are becoming a part of reality within the US? Isn’t our nation one of a mixture of the worlds’ populations? According to the history that was taught most citizens during our formative years, we were built as a nation of foreign nationals, seeking independence and freedoms from oppressive regimes.

    Currently, we’ve become so fearful of the very things that have driven other nationals from their homeland, because, those ex-patriots view our homeland as one of opportunity. Is that the reason for the concern of the growth of other languages within our borders?

    In reality, what we need is an effective program of proper vetttting for those entering our borders. Let’s get over this concern that everyone coming to this nation is fluent in the English language as pre-qualifier for domicile.


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