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University website declares pro-life views a form of assault

Leftist views have increasingly dominated American college campuses to the point that many universities now consider the mere mention of conservative values an aggressive act that warrants counseling. One page on the official website of Virginia’s Longwood University, however, shows just how cloistered liberals have become in the realm of higher education.

A slideshow on the college’s Diversity and Inclusion Resources page includes numerous social justice buzzwords, including a denouncement of so-called “invalidations.”

As the examples continued, they exposed even more intolerance toward those with a more traditional worldview. Following a list of “insults” that are not welcome on campus, the site went on to describe actions deemed “assaults.”

For the sake of this presentation, assaults are defined as “verbal or nonverbal derogations of an individual’s unique qualities such as family name or disability.”

Listed as an example of such an assault is expressing the view that abortion is wrong.

“An anti-abortion person attacked my pro-choice beliefs,” the site states as an assault on par with “almost being raped.”

Unsurprisingly, there was no such denunciation of actual, physical assaults by pro-abortion fanatics against peaceful pro-life protesters.


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