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Armed grandmother takes on three burglars

A Florida woman was home alone recently when three men reportedly forced their way into her home in broad daylight. The incident occurred shortly after noon, the resident recalled, and happened so quickly she barely had time to react.

Requesting anonymity, the Boyton Beach homeowner told local media that she immediately retreated to her a bedroom to grab a pistol.

As it turns out, the three thugs needed little more than to see the firearm before second guessing their crime.

“I raised the gun and pointed it at his face,” the victim said of one of her assailants. “I called them bastards and I said ‘I’m going to kill you!’ All three of them started running for the door.”

Though she now looks back on her ordeal as “the most horrifying day” of her life, she recognizes that access to a firearm was a “godsend” in that situation.

“I decided that it’s either them or me,” she concluded.

Not only is she now trying to convince her neighbors to arm themselves, she is looking into purchasing a more powerful handgun and plans to visit the shooting range more often in the future.


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