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Planned Parenthood: Killing more babies is the key to ending violence

In a display of the convoluted reasoning that has long permeated the pro-abortion movement, a Planned Parenthood account on Twitter recently offered its response to the civil unrest and violence of the past week.

Citing the perceived importance of both social justice activism and the right of mothers to kill their unborn children, the tweet insisted advancements in both arenas would cause violence between police and civilians to halt.

“In a world where #BlackLivesMatter & people have [reproductive justice],” the PP Black Community page tweeted, “neither civilians nor police officers would be subjected to violence.”

The assessment received immediate criticism from those who felt the invocation of abortion in this discussion was inappropriate.

One response described as “gross” Planned Parenthood’s use of “the death of police officers to promote [its] culture of death.”

Another critic mocked the underlying message of the original tweet.

“Oh I get it,” the commenter wrote, “if no one is born they can’t be victims of violence.”

While Planned Parenthood and the BLM movement have found some common ground on this issue, the nation’s most prolific abortion provider’s infamous founder made it clear she found little if any value in black lives.

“We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” Margaret Sanger wrote in one letter touting her undying belief in killing as many unborn humans as possible.


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