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After school board ruling, new concerns about California’s LGBT education law

Following the implementation of a first-of-its-kind law, California schools are now prepared to heavily inject history lessons with tales of gay activism. The law went into effect in 2012 and at the time of its passage made California the only state in the nation to regulate how LGBT figures are represented in public school curricula.

Specific changes approved last week by the state education board include introducing and normalizing two-mother or two-father families to students as young as 7. In fourth grade, students will learn about outspoken gay San Francisco politician Harvey Milk.

The shoehorning of gay culture into existing history lessons has earned praise from some while others are concerned about what will be cut in order to make room for the new lessons.

Pacific Justice Institute attorney Matthew McReynolds predicted even more backlash when the details of these LGBT-centric lessons are revealed.

“Certainly some families will be concerned about their second-graders learning about two-mom families,” he said, “but I think parents would be much more alarmed if they knew that LGBT History Month, in the last few years, has promoted the notion that ‘America the Beautiful’ is a source of lesbian pride.”


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