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Black protesters at DNC send white supporters ‘to the back of the march’

Though civil rights leaders in the 1960s fought for unity among Americans regardless of race, the Black Lives Matter movement of today often seeks voluntary re-segregation of our society based solely on skin color. The troubling and recurring theme has been evident since protests began in 2014, with one of the group’s first marches offering a list of separate rules for whites wishing to participate.

This week, organizers of the Black Resistance March held near the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia made it clear that sympathetic whites should not consider themselves on equal footing with their darker comrades.

Video of the event depicted a woman giving clear instruction to a mass of marchers gathered in the street. The relevant audio can be found just after the 14-minute mark in the video below.

“I still would like for us to make sure that we are creating space for black and brown people. This is a black resistance march, so I need all white people to get to the back of the march. That includes media. This is our space. This is our march. This is our issue. You’re not being hunted by police like we are. This is not about white sensitivity.”

It was not clear from her remarks why “brown people” were allowed to remain in the forefront of the “black resistance march.”


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