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Officer says she was refused service, laughed at by staff at pasta chain

While the anti-police rhetoric of protesters is covered extensively by news outlets across the nation, cops are facing increased backlash from the public in less apparent ways. Reports of restaurant employees either tampering with orders placed by officers or refusing to serve law enforcement entirely have become more frequent of late, capped off most recently by the account of an officer in Alexandria, Va.

When the cop entered a local Noodles & Company location, she said one cook working at the time flatly refused to prepare her food.

“You better pull me off the line,” the employee reportedly asserted, “because I’m not serving that.”

At that point, the officer said two staff members shared a laugh at her expense.

“I guess you don’t want my money,” the uniformed officer said before leaving the establishment.

Her story began to spread from there, ultimately catching the attention of the restaurant chain’s corporate officers. To the company’s credit, two employees were immediately terminated and executives have made a commitment to support law enforcement going forward. Locations in the area will soon sport “Blue Lives Matter” decals on their front windows.

The Alexandria Police Department wants to put the situation in the past and attempted to quash rising calls for a boycott of the chain.


2 Comments on Officer says she was refused service, laughed at by staff at pasta chain

  1. girlkansas // July 28, 2016 at 8:26 pm // Reply

    This won’t stop, leftists want a lawless country.


  2. They’re fired–good. Now name them.


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