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Franklin Graham takes on NC school district over gender policy

While several high-profile social leftists have sparked boycotts of North Carolina based on its passage of a gender-specific restroom law, conservatives are now taking aim at one of the state’s school districts over the transgender issue.

In a Facebook post on Friday, evangelist Franklin Graham shed light on a new program being introduced in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg district. Linking to a site with more information, his post included direct criticism of the program’s playful mascot: the Gender Unicorn.

“Parents, watch out,” Graham wrote. “They are using this unicorn to grab the imagination of children and make this seem acceptable.”

He went on to note that the school’s new transgender policy, currently on track to be implemented later this month, “includes very concerning gender neutral bathroom/locker room policies and more.”

Lamenting this program further erases the inherent differences between the genders in the eyes of young students, Graham compared it to the “brainwashing” techniques used by Communist regimes of the past.

He urged like-minded Americans not only to pray for these school board members and others across the nation, he encouraged them to let the local leaders know how they feel.

“Every school board member’s email address is in the link—you need to contact them and let them know how outrageous this is,” he concluded.


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