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New Mexico elementary teachers barred from calling students ‘boys and girls’

According to recent reports, a New Mexico elementary school is causing a local stir with a new gender-inclusive policy some are calling unnecessary and “outlandish.”

Carlos Rey Elementary School teachers recently received an advisory from officials indicating a notably liberal interpretation of the Albuquerque school district’s recent transgender bathroom policy.

In addition to giving students the freedom to choose the facilities they find most accommodating, the Gender Identity Procedural Directive also lays out a stifling speech code for teachers to abide. Among the new requirements is a cessation of words like “boy” and “girl” in the classroom.

The advisory is a step toward completely erasing gender as a defining factor at the school, which more than a few locals find frustrating.

Rev. Adelious D. Stith is a frequent school board attendee and thinks the “outlandish” directive “just makes no sense at all.”

Subsequent reports show the extreme measures advised by Carlos Rey’s assistant principal were not endorsed by the school board.

The district has described the directive as a misinterpretation of the existing transgender policy; however, reports indicate staff at the elementary school have been advised internally to continue operating under its prescription.


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