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Adam Carolla: Jokes about Ann Coulter would not be tolerated if she were liberal

According to comedian Adam Carolla, the often malicious put-downs aimed at conservative pundit Ann Coulter during a recent Comedy Central roast would have received far more backlash had the subject been a liberal woman.

“If you put Lena Dunham up there,” he said of the actress and feminist activist, “and you start talking about her being a fat ass, there would be a serious situation.”

He went on to add that if a prominent conservative like Tucker Carlson were the one delivering the jokes, the repercussions would likely be even more severe.

“How much trouble would he be in?” Carolla asked. “Why does this only go one way? You would want him fired from any job he had the next day.”

Coulter, a member of the panel assembled to roast actor Rob Lowe in the special that aired earlier this month, was on the receiving end of personal, often profane jokes. While insults are a requisite part of roasts, many critics felt the right-wing columnist was unfairly targeted by the left-leaning comics and B-list celebrities who joined her on the panel.

In addition to being encouraged to kill herself, Coulter was attacked for her appearance, politics and anything else the roast’s participants could throw at her.

“If you swapped the aisles on this,” Carolla posited, “if this was [leftist actress] Janeane Garofalo and everyone did this to her, you would be run out of this town.”

He clarified that some jokes would still be permitted within the confines of a roast, but not many of those employed against Coulter.

“You could make fun of the person,” Carolla added. “You could make fun of their politics. You could make fun of whatever you wanted. But you couldn’t talk about Janeane Garofalo being ugly.”


7 Comments on Adam Carolla: Jokes about Ann Coulter would not be tolerated if she were liberal

  1. It makes you wonder what Dean Martin thinks about the way these vile, disgusting,so called comedians have flushed his Great Roasts down the toilet.


  2. I’m sorry that people bit her..and bit her hard…but from what I’ve seen in stories about her and interviews with her she deserved 98% of what she got. I feel like she was shown the amount of respect that she shows other people.


  3. Who cares? Its a roast! She can talk about the Mexicans any way she wants. She should be tough enough to take some honest fun. Adam Carolla just wants to smash!!


  4. Lena dunum has never stood behind mccarthy’s grave with a smile that said he was right. Lena Dunum isn’t an exact parallel. Adam should’ve stuck to agreeing with Dr drew about teenage sex.


  5. I can’t stand her, but he is correct.


  6. Joseph Ramirez // September 13, 2016 at 1:48 pm // Reply

    She should be able to handle it as much as she puts it out,and I am sure she doesn’t need you as her support system anyway.


  7. You all (except Ehsfb2001) completely missed his point, which only makes it more obvious. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of her or what she’s said or whether she can take it. If the roasters had said the same things to Janeane Garafalo, liberal Hollywood would have a hard time forgiving them. Because they’re so tolerant.


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