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First female Green Beret hopeful falls short of training requirements

As The Extract recently reported, the first female soldier to attempt training for the elite 75th Ranger Regiment was among the cadets forced to bow out when she did not meet performance standards during a 21-day physical evaluation.

This week, a similar story came out of the U.S. Army Special Forces Assessment and Selections program, which prospective Green Berets must complete in order to continue their quest.

For the first woman to attempt the training course, along with more than a few of her male counterparts, the demands were simply too great.

Reports show the unnamed female soldier ended her stint in the program early, though it is unclear whether it was because of her own decision, a medical issue or simply her failure to meet the established standards.

In the wake of a shift in military policy allowing women to apply for certain combat roles previously open only to men, few females have opted to attempt the grueling training necessary for admission.

Some reports indicate the Department of Defense might be in the process of rolling out lower physical standards in an effort to attract more women to combat positions.


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