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‘Walking Dead’ villain inspires street artist’s anti-Hillary display

Sabo, a conservative street artist in California, has earned a reputation for several scathing displays attacking Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

His latest composition recently began showing up in strategic locations and draws its inspiration from the popular AMC series The Walking Dead.

Specifically, Sabo said he got the idea after hearing a line delivered by a character, a villain named Negan.

“The first time I heard Negan ask for 50 percent of everything you had,” the artist recalled in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “my first thought was, ‘Damn, only 50 percent?’ And he’s asking! If Democrats had their way, they’d take everything by decree.”

He took the idea and turned it into a characteristically crass design:

“In the spirit of The Walking Dead’s newest villain, Negan, I drew up these posters and placed them outside of the AMC Studio offices in Santa Monica, as well as near the CNN building on Sunset Boulevard, where there will be an anti-Hillary protest,” Sabo explained.


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