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University sparks criticism over anti-white Thanksgiving display

Days after offering students a controversial reminder of the “cultural appropriation” some believe is inherent in certain Halloween costumes, another Florida State University display is coming under fire for its depiction of Thanksgiving.

A bulletin board in FSU’s Traditions Hall depicts a standard construction-paper turkey cutout along with a the caption “Gobble Up Some Facts.”

Scrawled on the bird’s feathers were a series of wild accusations against Pilgrims, who were described as both evil and stupid.

“Native Americans provided most of the food,” one feather stated, “but naturally, the white settlers took credit.”

The display included several other outrageous claims, including the assertions that a “majority of Pilgrims couldn’t farm or build anything” and that they “would have most likely all died” without “selling Squanto into slavery twice and forcing him to learn English.”

While the individual behind the display, who requested anonymity in an interview with Campus Reform, acknowledged the schismatic nature of the board, the student justified it by claiming “history isn’t accurately represented.”

Others on campus are livid, including FSU College Republicans chairman James Dilmore, who called the display an “all-out assault” on American culture.


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