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Democratic state elector in Washington refuses to cast vote for Clinton

The path to 270 electoral votes is all that matters to any presidential candidate hoping to become the next commander in chief.

For Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, at least one of those votes is apparently not coming her way regardless of Election Night results.

In a recent Associated Press interview, Washington Democratic elector Robert Satiacum insisted he will not cast his vote — one of the state’s 12 — for Clinton if she wins there on Tuesday.

“She will not get my vote, period,” he said.

The Native American called Clinton a “criminal,” pointing to Clinton’s spotty record regarding tribal issues as a primary factor in his refusal to back the former secretary of state.

“This is a time we all need to stand up and speak out,” Satiacum said, indicating he is prepared to accept a $1,000 fine levied by the state against so-called faithless electors.


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