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Wanted teens shot after picking ‘the wrong person’ to rob

A man walking his dog must have looked like an easy target for a pair of Milwaukee teens earlier this week.

When Deonte Thomas, 17, and an unnamed 18-year-old accomplice approached their target, however, the 37-year-old man grabbed a concealed handgun and opened fire.

Thomas was killed and the other teen was injured. Alderman Mark Borkowski reacted to the incident by acknowledging the pair “picked the wrong person” to rob.

He also noted the two would-be robbers already had a track record of criminal behavior.

“It’s my understanding these kids were looking for trouble,” he said. “They had been involved in trouble prior to this incident.”

In addition to the charges being brought against the 18-year-old survivor, the two teens already have rap sheets including convictions for armed robbery, auto theft and trespassing.

Reports indicate both were also wanted for questioning in connection to a robbery that took place about an hour before they were shot.


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  1. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I love happy endings.


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