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Planned Parenthood: Abortion is the key to a happy 2017

In a widely condemned tweet posted this week, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards offered her advice for people looking to start the new year “off on the right foot.”

Few Twitter users echoed her sentiment, with the overwhelming majority of comments either denouncing or ridiculing the 59-year-old activist.

Some of the more vicious tweets expressed regret that Richards’ mother did not abort her. Others lamented how lightly she and other pro-abortion advocates treat the deadly procedure.

“C’mon, liberals!” read one such tweet. “Get to a PP clinic STAT!! Those unborn persons aren’t going to terminate and dismember themselves.”

Given the organization’s public-relations nightmare surrounding allegations it improperly sold body parts from aborted fetuses, many critics highlighted Richards’ “right foot” reference.

“Does a right foot get you more money than a left foot?” one Twitter user asked.

Several referenced the undercover videos depicting the apparent negotiation of fetal tissue prices, including Dr. Mary Gatter’s assertion that she wanted to earn enough to buy a Lamborghini.


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