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Bill Maher unloads on perpetually offended liberals

Leftist comedian and commentator Bill Maher dedicated a segment of his HBO program, “Real Time,” Friday night to the excoriation of his own party for its tendency to shame others into an apology.

He made his argument by citing a number of recent examples, including actor Chris Hemsworth’s mea culpa¬†after being photographed dressed in Native American garb at a theme party.

“For f—‘s sake, you’re Thor,” Maher said. “Grow a pair.”

The host went on to conclude it was this culture of offense that contributed to the Democratic Party’s electoral losses.

“Too often, Democrats remind people of a man who has taken his balls out and put them in his wife’s purse.”

Pressing the point further, he taunted those who might be offended by his remark.

“Somebody please tweet me right now how that was somehow inappropriate,” he said, “so I can tell you to go f— yourself.”


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