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Suspect heard trashing ‘fancy white people’ during violent attack

According to the victims of a recent violent attack at a Virginia gas station, the woman responsible for the injuries and damage that day committed the crimes because she was “sick of fancy white people.”

The incident occurred when the couple, who requested anonymity, pulled into an Exxon in Carmel Church. They were driving a Porsche with a boat in tow, which apparently caught the suspect’s attention.

“This lady was a couple pumps over and talking to me and yelling at somebody about having a message for her,” the victim identified only as Bob said. “I had no idea what she was talking about,”

According to authorities, she produced a hammer, which she used to take out her aggression on her victims’ car and boat. The woman then reportedly began to scratch and hit Bob, who was left bloody in the attack.

Authorities confirmed she hurled racial epithets at the white couple, prompting an investigation into whether the incident would qualify as a hate crime.

Thanks to a witness who took a picture of the suspect’s vehicle, police are now searching for a New Jersey woman they believe was responsible for the attack. As of the latest reports available, she has not been found.

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