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Schwarzenegger: Trump’s attacks on me are ‘funny’

Arnold Schwarzenegger took another shot at Donald Trump in a CNN interview recently, calling the president’s remarks at February’s National Prayer Breakfast “funny.”

Trump lambasted the former California governor — who took over as host of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” — for sagging ratings last season.

At the annual prayer breakfast, Trump slammed Schwarzenegger’s hosting stint as “a total disaster,” going on to request prayer for the show’s ratings.

Trump hosted the series until 2015, shortly after he entered the presidential race.

“I have thick skin,” Schwarzenegger said of the public feud during an appearance on CNN’s “The Messy Truth.”

After admitting he found the presidential criticism amusing, he told host Van Jones he also found another upside to the situation.

“It gave me an opportunity to shout back the show didn’t do well because a third of the audience left because they boycotted the show — because you’re the executive producer, Donald Trump,” Schwarzenegger said.

He went on to offer some additional context to his decision to leave the long-running reality series.

“The advertisers left, the audience left, they hate the guy,” he said. “So, I mean the left and I was caught in the middle of this political thing there; and that’s why I said I’m not going to do the show again.”

The action film star made a point, however, to offer some faint encouragement to the president.

“Donald Trump won the presidency,” Schwarzenegger said. “And I called him right after he won and I said, ‘Congratulations. You are now our president. Anything I can do, I will be helpful; because if you are successful we all are going to be successful.”

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2 Comments on Schwarzenegger: Trump’s attacks on me are ‘funny’

  1. Valery Vebelfeltzer // April 9, 2017 at 4:40 pm // Reply

    Schwarzenegger who?


  2. Poor Ahnold. TRUMP hasn’t mentioned him in 2 months and little Ahnie is still butt hurt over the spanking he received from president TRUMP.

    I watched about a third of an episode of Ahnold’s Apprentice and turned it off. He was awful. The show failed because he sucked – not because President TRUMP was listed as Executive Producer.


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