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Professor behind Trump victory prediction now forecasts impeachment

American University history professor Allan J. Lichtman was among the few in a crowd of intellectuals and pundits to correctly call Donald Trump’s electoral victory last November.

Just because he predicted a Trump administration, however, does not mean he expects it to be successful.

A new book by Lichtman, set to be released next week, lays out his “case for impeachment” and conclusion that “it is not a question of if President Trump will be impeached, but a question of when.”

He made a similar prediction just days after the election.

According to a summary available on Amazon, the new book “illuminates exactly how the impeachment of President Trump might work by showing how his actions — past or future — make him uniquely vulnerable to impeachment proceedings.”

Licthman’s prediction ahead of Trump’s victory added to an already impressive streak of correct presidential calls dating back to 1984.

Do you know who was both president and vice-president without being elected to either office? Find that out and more presidential facts in this installment of And Now You Know.


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