In an area beset by crime and abandoned animals, one company is hoping its latest high-tech gadget could help alleviate both problems.

Cheil, a South Korean firm, has developed a smart vest it says is capable of capturing video beginning after a dog barks, allowing law enforcement to see whatever the animal sees at that moment. The company hopes to fit stray dogs in Bangkok, Thailand, with the new invention.

“We wanted to develop a tool that would show the benefits of these dogs and make people feel that stray dogs can be night-watchers,” one developer said of the initiative.

Some Thailand-based agencies dedicated to caring for stray dogs have expressed cautious optimism about the new technology.

“It’s too early a stage to actually say how practical the vests are,” said Martin Turner of the Soi Dog Foundation. “We really don’t know how they’re going to work, if they’re going to work properly, if the camera angles … that we get are going to be correct.”

Here’s some video of the crime-fighting canines in action: